Tiny mandelbrot fractal viewer in ActionScript 3.0

mandelbrot fractalI need to pick up actionscript 3.0 quickly, so I figured I’d write a few small test programs for it.

When I was young, I’d waste hours waiting for FractInt to put together some really pretty images. I never really wrote my own little fractal programs, for whatever reason.

This seemed like a good opportunity to mix both, so here we are.

It’s a really small swf file (2K). Keep the mouse down to zoom in. Press CTRL while the mouse is down to zoom out.

While zooming, quality is adjusted dynamically. The algorithm to do that is totally stolen from mrob

Anyway, you can look at the viewer, or you can check the source out too.

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3 Comments on “Tiny mandelbrot fractal viewer in ActionScript 3.0”

  1. dertyhiyu Says:

    very smart =)

  2. Tom Nussbaumer Says:

    First of all: thanx for the open source! It’s a great example of such a viewer using actionscript.

    Nevertheless: even if it looks like successive refinement and is implemented similar it is no successive refinement. What’s missing is the most important point of success refinement: to keep the GUI always responsive by checking for user input in one of the inner loops. Yet the viewer is either in fast zoom mode or is slowly iterating over all loops for a final result at once.

    Why not perform the refinement processing (most outer loop) on successive frames? By splitting the “job” into multiple parts the user can always start a new zoom and the user also sees the result of the refinement steps (yet he sees just one step … zoom mode or final).

    Just a few late night ideas, no offense intended.

  3. Metal Hurlant Says:

    @Tom: Check my next blog entry. If I remember correctly, it implements a smarter refinement process. Unfortunately, I have lost the source for it. :(