More Fractals in AS3

odd fractalMy little fractal viewer has been updated. We now have pretty colors, julia support, smoother zooming, back and forward support (in firefox), and bookmark-able links.

For example, you can now go directly in a pink Julia fractal

Alternatively, you can check out the weird fractal in the thumbnail. It’s not quite mandelbrot, and not quite julia, and switching to that mode frequently results in “broken” or distorted mandelbrot patterns. If you know the proper name for it, let me know.

Things to do while in the viewer:

  • click anywhere to zoom in. press CTRL while clicking to zoom out.
  • pressing the space bar will generate a new color palette. it’s random, so press it ’til you like it.
  • pressing “1″, “2″ or “3″ will bring the Mandelbrot, Julia or Weird set respectively.
  • on Firefox, you can use the Back and Forward browser buttons to undo/redo actions.

That’s it. the .swf file has crept up to 8k, and here’s to hoping I stop wasting hours staring at fractals soon.

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7 Comments on “More Fractals in AS3”

  1. Kenneth Woodruff Says:


  2. Ben Says:

    Very nice. Would you mind posting the source for this?

  3. Bryan Says:

    I am very impressed! Can you please post the source for this? Thanks!

  4. D Says:

    awesome work.

  5. Metal Hurlant Says:

    I wish I had put the source up when I had the chance.
    I’ve unfortunately lost the source, along with a lot of other stuff when my laptop gave up the ghost, about 6 months ago.

    At this point, the only hope to get some kind of source would be to use an as3 decompiler, if such a thing exists.

  6. Tomelloso Says:

    Really a excellent work. Sure that make a as3 decompiler for you is easy. You are a crack. Thanks.

  7. Clint Says:

    Great little fractal viewer!

    Since you lost the source code, I took the liberty of decompiling the .swf. I’ve uploaded the source here:

    Looks like it was able to save and reconstruct quite a bit of the code. Local variable names were lost, but looks like most other stuff was retained.

    In case anyone is curious, this decompilation was done with the Sothink SWF Decompiler:

    I don’t work for them — just someone who is pretty happy with their product, and happy to give them some more press.