As3Crypto is now open. Well, *more* open.

As3Crypto has been open-source from the start, but the development, iteration and feedback process isn’t quite as open and collaborative as it should be.

There is this one guy controlling every aspect of it, hiding his precious source code until he deems it ready for another release, and generally being way too slow at moderating blog comments, let alone answering emails or fixing bugs.
If this was a small pet project nobody used, that wouldn’t be so bad. But our little encryption framework is actually getting used in quite a few cool projects. So something has to improve here.
The controlling guy is going to stick around, but we’re not going to let him be a choke point anymore.

In concrete terms, this means:

For developers, this means:

  • The public subversion repository will be used consistently for all development work
  • Radical library changes should be documented in wiki pages, preferably before the changes happen
  • Use the mailing list to let folks know what you’re working on.

For users, this means:

  • You can use the “issues” tab in the project site to report bugs (much better alternative than blog comments)
  • You can use the mailing list to follow what’s happening, and help fellow users figure out how to do things.

I encourage everyone with an interest in this library to join the mailing list now.

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8 Comments on “As3Crypto is now open. Well, *more* open.”

  1. LEE Says:

    You rock controlling guy!

  2. morris Says:


  3. Bobby Parker Says:

    Cool projects indeed!

    Here’s a link to a movie where we use as3crypto’s TLSEngine (using the SSL 3.0 mod that I sent you) to connect to VirtualMachine consoles on a VMWare ESX server, and a bare screenshot if you want to put it on a “hey look who’s using as3crypto!” page.

    Yeah I know. I’m biased.

  4. Manuel Says:

    I found
    We are working in a project using Action Script 3 / Flex, and we need a component to sign XML files using .cer and .key files..
    We understand that you have the expertise and the know how using this elements, then I want to know if you are interested to build this library for us using AS3 / flex.

  5. Arie Says:

    Thank you for writing and open-sourcing As3Crypto. I needed Blowfish encryption for a new AS3 project. Thanks to the online demo and demo scripts included in the download it was easy to implement.

  6. Manimaran Says:

    I am using this project for sending emails from AIR application, i am not able to attach big files(more than 20KB) and send.
    Plz tell me that or there any limitation with TLS, or provide the alternative solution for me,
    It is very urgent.

    Waiting for the reply,

  7. hdachev Says:

    Hey Code Monkey,
    What about a higher quality seed for Random?

  8. Cole Says:

    Any chance better TLS support with bug fixes could be coming in the future?