Flash Explorer

Version 1.1, 05/31/08


A tool to easily explore the flash APIs exposed by the current installed Flash Player from javascript.
(Now working in FF, Opera, Safari and IE8. looks ugly in IE8. sorry.)


Start by picking a package in the top left area. Then pick a class in the area below.
The console in the bottom left corner is designed to make flash experimentation easier. Once you load a page that contains an import statement like import obnoxiously.long.package.from.hell.Class; you can type Class from there on in the console to refer to it.
You can bookmark this page in a given state, and use the back/forward buttons. It should just work.

How it works

This page uses As3Bridge's flash bridge and the flash reflection APIs to generate a dynamic javadoc-like page. Since I don't have real documentation, I show a syntax-colored hyper-linked code skeleton of the class instead.
This has the benefit of showing you exactly what flash packages and methods are available in your browser. (Note that this can miss some classes, as flash doesn't offer a way to enumerate through packages nor classes.)
The console supports up/down history navigation, and every output is flagged as $1,$2,... and can be reused at will.

Known bugs

The Flash reflection APIs are a bit coy at time. Methods are missing from several global objects.

Todo List

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 Flash Explorer.

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