Coming out of hibernation

I need a better comment spam system.. I just had to go through 1075 comments, to extract the few that weren’t spam.

16 comments approved
1058 comments marked as spam
1 comment unchanged

Now, you could argue I should just moderate those things as they come in, and you’d be right.

Anyway.. not too long after my previous comment, my laptop taught me a valuable lesson on the importance of having regular backups, which bummed me enough that I left this project alone for a little while.

I’m hoping to have a little bit more free time now, so expect some kind of update for this library soon(-ish.)

Thanks for your patience.

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One Comment on “Coming out of hibernation”

  1. LEE Says:

    Or you could just blog with iWeb on your own non .mac server, and not have the option of comments….sigh.

    Anyhoo thx for the great start on AS3 Cryptography!