Backport of some As3Crypto stuff to As2

Apparently, ActionScript 2 isn’t dead yet.
While I anxiously await the day popular gizmos like the Wii or the iPhone get to run as3 bytecode, there are apparently still legitimate reasons to want to code with As2.
There already are various chunks of code out there to encrypt stuff with As2, the most popular being probably still Meychi’s Ascript library in spite of its site being down, but there is nothing to do public key encryption with As2.

Nothing, that is, until Marcos Boyington over at Yuniti ported the RSA logic to AS2.

Now technically, the RSA stuff in As3Crypto was directly lifted from JSBN , therefore porting it to AS2 is pretty much equivalent to porting JSBN straight to AS2.
Still, Marcos was nice enough to give my library some props.
Anyway, go check out his As2 RSA library if ActionScript 2 is your thing.

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2 Comments on “Backport of some As3Crypto stuff to As2”

  1. Shawn Says:

    You’re a smart man. ;]

  2. kbsao Says:

    i try to find crypto libary which able to support HMAC in action script 2.0.
    but so far, i not able to get it. any idea?