Flash 10 API Explorer

A couple years ago, I wrote this little Java Explorer script that used Liveconnect to inspect available Java classes. It included a little console that made it easy to play with those classes and their members to see what they seemed to do.

More recently, when the Flash Player 10 beta came out, I ended up wishing I could do the same thing: Browse through the APIs and try whatever new stuff was hiding there. So I’ve ported my original Java Explorer into a Flash Explorer.

Just like the original, it only works on Gecko-based browsers, although that could be fixed given a bit of effort.

As an aside, this includes an early version of a 2-way bridge between Flash and Javascript, which will totally kick ass when it’s done.

One final thought regarding ScreamingDonkey. As part of ScreamingDonkey, I’ve been trying pretty hard to make the browser DOM available to ESC-compiled scripts, but there’s actually some demand for fully isolated scripting containers. In a presentation last November, Douglas Crockford calls those containers “vat”, and thinks they can help provide secure mashups. Anyway, it would be pretty easy to take ESC, wrap it into a little “vat” mechanism and ponder the security value of the resulting product.

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